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10 ways to reconnect to your biggest asset

We can't hear you!You're on mute...Sorry, my Wifi dropped...again! Connectivity over connection has been a theme for the last 18mths. Phrases like Zoom fatigue have ...
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What I learned about leadership after 100 burpees

What type of leader are you? How would you rate your leadership skills? I’ve been working with leaders throughout the pandemic and what I’ve seen ...
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5 ways to get your time back

Overwhelmed, firefighting and a never-ending to-do list? Procrastination, can't think straight and no time to do the strategic stuff? Sound familiar? And isn't it ironic ...
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Is your team agile or fragile?

We know that collective resilience has been more than tested and one year on despite seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, more ...
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Lessons in leadership from a virtual parents evening

What if I told you that the 10-minute window at your virtual parents evening was a mini-course in how to facilitate dynamic and meaningful and ...
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5 things to get working parents through lockdown V3.0

What a week! Schools are doing the hokey cokey. They're in, they're out, just waiting for orders to shake it all about. Everyone is back ...
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Here’s what I learned from 2020

Lets face it, there’s still time for this year to take a nosedive, we’ve still got a whole month left, but I’ve hedged my bets ...
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How to make friends with uncertainty

Leadership is shouldering the responsibility for more than your own share of the load. Leadership means others look to you to make decisions, to provide ...
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What are the new challenges facing leadership teams?

In March 2020 the UK came to a halt, leaving businesses adjusting their usual way of working to a virtual world of back to back ...
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How to boost your confidence without faking it

Everyone wants to feel or be seen as confident. We equate confidence with success. If you’re not confident, how can you be successful? Recent events ...
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Why you need to avoid perfectionism at all costs

Perfectionism, worn by some as a badge of honour or signal of virtue for others. But for many it's a crippling habit that makes us ...
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Meeting Fatigue – Why You Need To End Bad Meetings Now

Who could have predicted at the beginning of 2020 that we’d be having all our meetings via video conferencing?  I can’t be the only person ...
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