What my clients say

What my clients say

Jo enables you to have the conversations that matter and truly make a difference. If you are looking for an easy ‘team-building’ experience, then look elsewhere. If you want to improve as a leader or as a team and are willing to put the effort in and challenge yourself in new ways, then Jo can make a huge difference. I am now a much more effective leader based on the work we did with Jo and my teams operate at a much higher level!
Rob Moore

General Manager, The Netherlands, Celgene

Jo has this extraordinary capacity to push you harder than you ever let anyone push you whilst still feel understood and valued. She will challenge you to turn off default mode, to look deep into what lies at the root of your problems, Unhelpful behaviours or even ambitions and move forward with much greater lucidity and empathy. In a sector, frankly full of wacky claims and paid for platitudes, Jo is that exceptional gem: smart, clear, deep, empathetic, authentic.
Serene Castiglione

Head of Corporate Partnerships, Anthony Nolan Trust

Jo can change your perspective massively in just 30 minutes. Jo uses silences creatively to encourage deeper thinking and works hard to make breakthroughs no matter how large or small – beginning our conversation with an understanding of exactly what I wanted to get out of our session and what success would look like. Based on my experience with Jo I can highly recommend her coaching.
Susi Castle

Commercial Brand Marketing Manager

Jo understands complex business dynamics in the corporate world and has a knack for helping you to break old habits and find new breakthroughs that drive you and your business forward to reach your desired goals. The biggest thing she’s helped me overcome are conflict situations. Understanding how to handle them with resolve and achieve the best outcome has been incredibly helpful to eliminate chaos. She’s great at helping you remember your own strengths, is intuitive to relationship building in business which helps manifest positive change.
Lee-Ann Johnstone

Affiliate Insider

Jo brings a realism to her coaching which I’ve not experienced elsewhere, she asks searching questions which really help you discover new things about yourself and help you question why you do what you do. I can absolutely credit her with a noticeable increase in my team’s performance purely because she helped me recognize improvements I could make to my leadership style, but then crucially, works closely with you to ensure you implement them.
Matt Lilley

Regional Business Manager

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