The time to change is here
Transformation starts now.

Are you ready?

The time to change is here.
Transformation stats now.

Are you ready?

Hey, I am Jo Cowlin

A transformational coach, facilitator, and game-changer

I help individuals; businesses and teams to get clear on what they want, take meaningful action and create lasting change. I have years of experience helping executives, entrepreneurs and corporate teams get the results they want.

I will dare you to be different

No corporate BS, no life coaching, and no hand-holding. Work with me to break through what is holding you back and gain clarity about what is important to you, your business or organisation. Step fully into your power, so you can live a life without limits.

I will take you out of your comfort zone and uncover what is holding you back

I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals, who after working with me have taken their team to the next level, been promoted or just woken up to a magical, stress-free life of their own making.

I will reignite your zest for life

Work with me to regain the excitement, purpose, and magic in all areas of your life. You can find more out about my coaching programmes here.
I am passionate about learning and growth, and I am committed to results. I have done the work myself. So, yes, I can relate to the messy process that transformation can bring.
In a different life, I suffered corporate burnout, overwhelm and a lack of direction. I turned this all around, and I can help you do the same. 
My approach is to take the best of the best and deliver a prescriptive service to help you and your organisation reach the next level. I create bespoke coaching programmes, workshops and learning development interventions to suit your needs. 
I used to work in the pharmaceutical industry holding various leadership roles in a learning and development capacity. I have also brought my expertise to clients across a range of sectors from airlines, agencies and retail organisations to pharmaceutical, social housing, and senior healthcare. 
I will help you tap into the inner wisdom that exists in us all, so you can get where you want to be. I can give you the tools to find your audacious path back to your brilliance; to dare you to grow and create exceptional results in your life and your business.
Work with me to gain the clarity, confidence and courage to step up to the next level.

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