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Stepping into a corporate leadership role doesn’t make you invincible overnight. Self-doubt, lack of confidence and imposter syndrome are all common among my clients. And I know those feelings can affect you at any stage of your leadership career. 

As the old adage goes, it can be lonely at the top. And it doesn’t need to be. Why sit alone with thoughts and feelings that can be crippling to your progress when there is another way. 

Life is a series of transitions and the leadership journey is no different. Whatever transition you are facing right now, you need someone that can walk the path with you and can

1. Navigate the path to get to the core of who you are

2. Support you to find a way to lead that is authentic for you

3. Skillfully help you to uncover mindset blocks holding you back

4. Facilitate the creation of a plan to propel you forward with confidence.

You know there’s an extraordinary leader within you, but you’re getting in your own way. I’m here to help you unleash that potential and reclaim your personal power.

The world hates change yet it is the only thing that has ever brought progress.

– Charles Kettering

121 leadership development coaching programme


This is perfect for professionals who want to unleash the extraordinary leader that lies within. If you’re new to leadership or an established leader who’s ready to step up a level, I can help.

Because each person I work with comes to me with different challenges and goals, my 121 coaching programme is uniquely tailored around you and what you need.

Here are some of the things I can help you with:

  • Increase your confidence so you can banish imposter syndrome and reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Improve your resilience so you can achieve more by doing less, handle knock-backs and avoid burnout
  • Grow your influence for cross-functional collaboration and accelerate business results
  • Break old habits and create breakthroughs that drive you and your team forward
  • Build exceptional relationships with your team and stakeholders to easily get buy-in for your projects and manifest positive change
  • Tackle difficult conversations with confidence, so problems are dealt with swiftly, with the best outcomes possible
  • Progress your communication skills to have a significant impact on every aspect of business
  • Overcome difficult conflict situations with ease. Learn how to use differences to accelerate and resolve disagreements to get results and eliminate chaos
  • Establish exactly where weak or non-existent boundaries are impacting your time and energy, and put in place new, effective boundaries that work for you

I’ve helped hundreds of people take their team to the next level, get promoted and create a rewarding career and life. No matter what problems you bring, I guarantee my approach will get to the heart of the issue to get you the results you want.

Hey, I’m Jo! A transformational coach and game-changer

I’ve spent 15 years in corporate leadership roles and over 10 years running my own business. Coaching hundreds of individuals just like you.

I know what it’s like to be a leader and understand the challenges you face. As someone who’s always been very driven and likes to achieve, I’ve overworked myself in the past. Excited by the buzz it gave me and fuelled by adrenalin, I didn’t recognise the tell-tale signs and as a result, suffered corporate burnout.

By helping you build confidence and resilience, I’ll make sure you don’t fall down the same pitfalls. Together, we’ll dig into the real issues that are holding you back. Then we’ll create an action plan that sets you on the path to elevate your performance without burnout.

How my 121 leadership development coaching programme works


Coaching sessions will be held via video call or face-to-face if our locations allow it. The structure of my programme is the same for everyone, but the content is uniquely tailored to suit your individual needs.
Here’s what you get:

Step 1

3 hour intensive session

We start by getting everything out on the table – your hopes and dreams as well as your fears and anxieties.

Next, we decide where your priorities are and get absolute clarity on what you want to achieve. Then, finally, we create a roadmap of how you’re going to get there and how we’ll measure success.

Step 2

8 x 1 hour sessions

Using our roadmap, we’ll work together over a 6-9 month period, planning these sessions at a frequency and time to suit you.

This framework keeps the momentum going and allows us to maintain regular traction on your goals and outcomes.

Step 3

Final 90 min session

In our final session, we’ll create your 90-day accelerator plan.

This is where we consolidate all the learning from our time together and plan how you’ll continue to get results.

I’ll also check in on you partway through the 90 days to help keep you on track.

The support doesn’t stop at our formal sessions. We’ll also be in touch by email in between sessions.

I will support you with blocks along the way, maintain accountability, and provide you bespoke exercises to specifically address your needs.

See what my clients say

Jo has this extraordinary capacity to push you harder than you ever let anyone push you whilst still feel understood and valued. She will challenge you to turn off default mode, to look deep into what lies at the root of your problems, unhelpful behaviours or even ambitions and move forward with much greater lucidity and empathy. In a sector, frankly full of wacky claims and paid for platitudes, Jo is that exceptional gem: smart, clear, deep, empathetic, authentic.

Serene Castiglione

Head of Corporate Partnerships, Anthony Nolan Trust

I recently engaged Jo to help me following a promotion to director level. I needed help to feel like I belonged at this level and to lead a team who were previously my peers. Working with Jo has helped give me the confidence to be a leader and to build relationships with my team and other senior members of the organisation. She helps me to think through problems so that I can come up with the right solution. After a year of working with Jo, the output from the site has increased by c.20% and we have successfully completed a quality improvement project culminating in regulatory approval to supply the US market. Jo is an inspirational coach, and I would highly recommend her.

Ian Fairlamb

Site Director, Ethypharm

Your journey to transformation starts here

And it begins with a powerful conversation!

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