Transformational Leadership Programme

A transformational leadership programme

for people leading people

This is a highly immersive transformational leadership training programme for ambitious professionals leading teams through change and organisational transformation.

Designed for existing and aspiring managers, this five-module, highly participative and highly supported group experience is delivered through a mix of in-person training days and ‘on the job’ consolidation periods. This allows time for delegates to apply the learning between sessions to help them develop their authentic leadership style and see tangible results in the business.

With a strong focus on ‘saying what needs to be said’, this Transformational Leadership Programme is designed to help your leaders and future leaders achieve the following:


1. Establish their true leadership style and learn how to connect with their people in an authentic way

2. Cut through the noise of a busy organisational agenda to manage change successfully

3 Define the challenges they’re facing and take ownership for innovative solutions proactively and with confidence

4. Leave behind meaningless, wordy objectives and form meaningful leadership intentions that have real impact

5. Experiment and learn by exploring their own patterns and behaviours, and being accountable for their development

The success of your people is the success of your company.

Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.

-John C. Maxwell

Who is this for?

This unique in-person leadership programme has been developed specifically to support:

  • Existing and aspiring leaders (first and second line managers). This could be a cross company cohort, or an entire function, department or business units working as a team. Also suitable for professionals managing senior stakeholders across European and Global landscapes
  • Professionals who are managing others as a team, to complete a project, through change. This might be directly or through stakeholder management
  • Companies invested in developing authentic leadership capability in their teams
  • Individuals who are dealing with a constant agenda for change
  • Ambitious individuals who operate in isolation and experience little contact with their own manager in-person
  • Talented and ambitious leaders who have completed standard leadership training courses and are looking for something unique and challenging; something that focuses on their individual personal development rather than ‘sheep dip’ approaches
  • Companies looking for an immersive and highly supported experience, geared towards the challenges you’re facing here and now
  • Leaders dealing with team members that are underperforming or going through personal challenges

Delegates will be individuals who are willing to experiment and learn by doing. They will be willing to look at their own patterns and behaviours, apply the insights in their day-to-day interactions and be prepared to be accountable and take ownership for their learning.

“I’ve really enjoyed the TLP and it has benefitted me immensely. Nothing’s been easy the last year or so, and this programme has helped me work through many challenges along the way. There are many things that I have learned, or learned to appreciate more that I will keep with me forever; I found the programme incredibly useful.”

“Jo has an excellent, relaxed and encouraging style, and I think now, more than ever, her work can be very valuable in really getting to the core of both team dynamics and individual feelings and motivations, which invariably leads to the overall success of a team.”

How does this work?

This transformational leadership programme can be delivered as a cross-industry cohort of leaders on similar levels or for a specific department or team, which has the added benefit of team building and cohesion.

Training normally takes the format of five live events over a period of nine months. To support the integration of the learning we meet online for one-hour sessions in small groups and some delegates also choose to have 121 coaching to go even deeper with their learning. As a team, we provide a learning experience that is immersive. We provide the stimulus over five key modules and we encourage delegates to experiment and apply learning in between sessions.

Delegates will explore several new and varied models and frameworks and given the opportunity to apply the insights in between live training days. For example, we schedule multiple touchpoints which means the learning is titrated and delegates are guided and supported over a defined period of time versus turning up to 4-day leadership programme and going home.

What makes the training even more unique is the tone. We teach powerful leadership approaches. We help delegates find their authentic leadership style. And we do it in a relaxed, informal and ‘to the point way’.

For example, delegates will learn how to leave behind all the predictable corporate waffle such as long wordy objectives that don’t engage their teams, and will instead learn to form outcomes that are succinct, compelling and meaningful. They will also move away from change management theory and connect to the psychological dimensions of change within themselves and their teams.

Throughout the programme, delegates will benefit from:

  • the unique challenge that comes from being asked the difficult questions
  • Jo’s expertise as a transformational leadership trainer (with over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and a true passion for self-development in herself and others)
  • a relatable approach that takes proven strategies and breaks them down into digestible learning, strengthened by real life stories from Jo’s extensive experience
  • the chance to think with peers and recognise the wisdom that exists in their immediate network
  • an energised training environment that cuts through the fluff and gets to the heart of the issues; and,
  • the opportunity to be vulnerable while held in a safe and confidential space that aids real growth

Additional outcomes include:

  • Team cohesion
  • Foundation for effective collaboration
  • Increase in organisational knowledge
  • Peer to peer mentoring
  • New friendships
  • A force for change

Delegates must be willing to embrace some of the discomfort. This is not going to be a walk in the park.

“Being a natural cynic, I never expected to look forward to, and then enjoy, each of our sessions. I would often think we had talked about nothing; however, the closing words of Jo were always insightful and summarised what had actually been a very productive session!”

“I found working with Jo to be thought provoking, challenging, provided a ‘safe’ place to explore challenges, enjoyable and empowering.”

Why now?

The world has changed, and we are all in another long line of transitions. Since January 2020, the pace of change has been intense and it’s not letting up. Leaders and their teams are in a fog of post-pandemic fatigue. Every time we let go of one way of working and start to embark on the next, we can find ourselves stuck in the messy bit in middle if we don’t have the awareness strategies to lead ourselves first to then support others over to the other side.

Hybrid working hasn’t yet settled, and teams are bombarded with change after change with no time to come up for air. There has been no space to let go of the old before the next wave of change has comes along, and it has taken its toll.

Add in. the current political climate, rising costs, and growing uncertainty, people’s tolerance has been stretched to its limit. Trying to establish an effective way to lead, while balancing the wellbeing of yourself and your team feels like trying to nail jelly to the wall.

And still the KPIs pour into your inbox and your ambitions are still hovering in the ether somewhere. You want to deliver and maintain your competitive edge without burning out.

Now, it’s about delivering more without doing more. It’s about doing better and working smarter. So many organisations have a group of leaders that are hanging on by a thread, and in the midst of all the change, they have lost contact with some of the basics. It’s time for a reset, and a revisit to doing the basics brilliantly. Managing people and change is no different than it ever was, but how we do it and where we do it requires some agility.

What makes this different from other programmes?

We don’t present a flipchart full of course objective and learning outcomes.

  We do let you craft them for yourself. This means that the programme becomes bespoke to every individual on the programme.

We don’t take a ‘launch it and leave it’ approach.

  We do provide a learning experience that is immersive. We provide the stimulus over five key modules, and you have time in between to experiment and apply learning in way that is meaningful to you.

  We schedule multiple touchpoints which means the learning is titrated, and you are guided and supported over a defined period of time versus turning up to four-day leadership programme and going home.

  Each module sandwiches short mastermind sessions, where the delegates become the experts and provide inspiration and share wisdom to fuel collective progress. This means that we harness internal talent, experience and expertise and build confidence and competence in short sharp bursts, all with relatable stories that are specific to your organisation.

We don’t talk at you and take the expert position.

  We do facilitate a learning experience as opposed to a training course.

We don’t supply newbie type trainers.

  We do choose the best of the best who can draw on over two decades in the change, leadership, pharma industry, working with thousands of people.

We don’t bring out tired cliché management speak.

  We do deliver content that is bang up date, original, innovative and with a unique understanding and empathy to change happening in world.

About Jo Cowlin

Jo is an experienced Executive level coach and facilitator specialising in leadership, change and performance for Executives predominantly but not exclusively in the pharmaceutical industry. She also has clients across other sectors such as MedTech, Medical Devices, Marketing, Finance, and Law.

I have worked within the pharmaceutical industry holding various leadership roles in an L&D capacity. I have brought my skills and knowledge to clients across a range of sectors from airlines, agencies and retail organisations to pharmaceutical, social housing and senior healthcare. My expertise is getting to the core issues quickly and delivering content that stimulates a new perspective and can be applied immediately. I am committed to daring you to grow so that you and your team can make real and lasting changes.

“Jo provides one-to-one and group programmes to leaders and their teams to facilitate change, develop authentic leadership styles and get better results.”

“Jo is a fountain of knowledge and an inspiring coach (with excellent dress sense 😊) and I would recommend her for those who want to be challenged and who want to make change in what they are doing.”

If it sounds like this is an essential part of your development programme

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