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Hi, I’m Jo Cowlin

As a transformational coach, facilitator, and game-changer, I help individuals, businesses and teams unlock their true potential and become highly successful.

I’m passionate about helping leaders and teams bring their A-game to work every day, so people and organisations can thrive. I’m a straight-talking, no-fluff kind of coach who challenges you with compassion to get down to the real issues and create powerful results. After more than 20 years working with leaders and their teams, I’ve got a vast arsenal of tools that I draw on to guarantee personal and professional success for everyone I work with.

I partner with you to provide insight that can only come from an outside perspective. My humble and transparent nature and ability to build relationships quickly allows me to create a safe space where you feel comfortable to share. I quickly get to the heart of your issues and help you link development and opportunities to what already exists. Then, I help you recognise where you can make improvements, and crucially, work closely with you to ensure you can implement them.

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