Settling is no fun.
It’s a malignant habit, a slippery slope that takes you to mediocrity.

– Seth Godin

Every leader needs a high performing team

Are you leading a team that has struggled to adapt to change and are now unsettled and lacking focus?

Maybe you are finding it difficult to make the transition to remote leadership in a virtual world?

Does it feel like a challenge trying to align a fragmented team?

Are you feeling the strain of trying to be all things to all people as the pressure to perform increases?


Many leaders and organisations are grappling with how to maintain a competitive edge amidst an intense agenda of change. They are noticing unrest with their workforce and feeling the strain of balancing people and their wellbeing with business results. There is a tsunami of overwhelm as people experience conflicting priorities and diaries are overflow with meeting overload. Despite increased connectivity, communication difficulties are surfacing as everyone navigates their way through multiple layers of change.

Relax, this is a normal response, and there is a way through.

Your people are your reason for your success, and creating a high performing team isn’t easy. It is one of the most rewarding elements of leadership and yet one of the most challenging. 

What if I told you that you CAN … 

  • Create cohesion and alignment where everyone is pulling together as one
  • Establish a team that is centred and calm with a clear focus on the priorities
  • Attend to the wellbeing of your people and still deliver exceptional results
  • Disentangle yourself from the overwhelm and create healthy boundaries
  • Role model engaging meetings that get results
  • Simplify communication to increase engagement and motivation
  • Guide people through multiple transitions with ease

Right now, leaders are concerned about morale and motivation, the wellbeing of their teams and are under increased pressure to hit targets and drive people performance.

I help leaders like you:

  • Create balance and identify priorities
  • Meet tough conversations head-on with poise and understanding
  • Remove the barriers to communication
  • Lead change and influence performance
  • Create powerful results by getting to the real issues

 I am a transformational coach, facilitator, and game-changer who supports ambitious leaders, and their teams to refocus, regroup, improve performance and rapidly adjust to change.

My primary focus is on facilitating mindset shifts that create transformation along with practical tools and reliable frameworks to help you implement the next steps. I have worked with hundreds of leaders reevaluate their leadership approach so they can easily align with what is important without compromising business results.

Using intuition as my guide, I accompany my clients to their tipping point for change where they feel confident and inspired to move forward. I create powerful and safe spaces where leaders can untangle themselves from unhelpful patterns and then create a simple roadmap with step by step strategies to re-emerge with more clarity and a renewed sense of direction.

In my consultancy work and coaching programmes, I am passionate about facilitating change authentically and intuitively, allowing clients to experience breakthroughs, revealing core truths that enable them to accelerate growth.

I bring my years of experience as a mentor, coach, trainer, and facilitator to guide you (as individuals, teams and organisations’) on your route back to integrity, to help you find the audacious path back to your brilliance.

My work is all about transformation, and you get to define what that looks like.

Hey, I am Jo Cowlin

I’m a transformational coach, facilitator, and game-changer

I help individuals; businesses and teams to get clear on what they want, take meaningful action and create lasting change. I have years of experience helping executives, entrepreneurs and corporate teams get the results they want.

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