Is life taking you on a detour?

Without wanting to sound like a judge on the X Factor, we are all on a journey. However, sometimes the journey takes us on a serious detour. For some of us, this detour is only a short-term diversion. But for others, it’s a heavy dose of reality that the relationship or job that we thought ticked all of the boxes actually doesn’t. The future appears to be stretching ahead with no ’emergency exit’ in sight.

Are you are reactor rather than a reflector?

Many of us experience discontentment, unease, lack of motivation, apathy, and have no idea what to do about it. We read self-help books, go on a new diet, and listen to well-meaning friends’ advice. We try and make quick-fix changes to get immediate relief from whatever it is that we are feeling.

We take action. Because action is good right? In today’s world action is rewarded but so often when we are taking action that is a reaction rather than a conscious decision. We need to spend time reflecting on what is best for us rather than reacting to situations.

Most of the time the action that we take is merely a reaction versus a response and is described by one of my mentors as simply rearranging the furniture. We focus on the stuff that is outside of us and then wonder why a few months down the line the feelings creep back, and we start to repeat the cycle all over again. It’s tedious and exhausting.

Time and time again I hear my clients share their frustrations as we start our work together…

– They feel confused, lost and worried about not knowing what they need to do next.

– They no longer want to put on a brave face and just get on with it. Their lack of action fills them with resentment, anxiety or fear and they have no idea how to move forward.

– Deep down they know what they want, but they beat themselves up because they haven’t got the guts to go and follow their heart’s desire.

– They are fed up of hearing themselves justify not taking action by a mantra of “I’ve got too much going on right now, when X, Y, Z is over then I’ll think about it”, “I just need to get through the next…”

Stop rearranging the furniture!

They know that if they don’t do SOMETHING that in years to come they will be filled with regret and resentment. There is a void within them. Their deepest fear is that five years from now they will be running a ‘should have, could have….’ dialogue on a constant loop. So off they go and rearrange the furniture a little bit more. They move projects, change role, change industry, get out of (or in) a relationship, move house, create an extreme challenge, and so it goes on.

But, if they were to just stop and ignore the furniture, they can start to work toward creating lasting change. They need trust that the real change, the transformation is waiting for them if they could find the courage to let go of the stuff outside and take the journey within.

If you are ready to stop moving the furniture around, please get in to touch via email to work with me on a 1-2-1 basis.

When we work together you will learn:

– Anything is possible and that you can trust yourself to make the right decisions

– Exactly what you need to do in your life and your business to keep everything moving forward in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you

– What you need to do to keep yourself on track and to feel good, and how to listen to your intuition

– To longer self-destruct because you can recognise the triggers and now have the tools and self-awareness to bypass what no longer serves you

– Be absolutely clear on your direction of travel and how you are going to get there.

Time to peel back the layers, to take off the mask. It’s time for a revolution, and it starts with YOU. Let’s go inside and do the work. Get in touch for a free 30-minute discovery call by emailing me at

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