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The way leaders and teams interact with each other across an organisation can make or break a business. And when they get it right, the results can be exceptional.

But getting it right isn’t easy. The pandemic has re-shaped the way we work and interact. Working from home, home schooling and uncertainty for the future has left us feeling depleted and despondent. Businesses are feeling the pressure of making up for lost time. Teams are disjointed. And everyone’s talking about mental health.

Leaders are responsible for their teams, but actually, what about them? They’re trying to spin all the plates, but there’s often conflict between results, tasks and people.

Now is the time to act. To rebalance dynamics. To give leaders and their teams a boost. And to catapult employee and business performance.

I can help.

Introducing my leadership and team development programmes
Perfect for cohorts of leaders or leaders and their teams

Every team I work with comes to me with different challenges and goals. That’s why all my programmes are bespoke. They follow a similar framework, but the content is designed specifically with your team and organisation’s objectives in mind. And once we get started, I’m intuitive and agile. That means I can respond quickly to what’s happening in the moment, and delegates get precisely what they need to meet those objectives.

Here are some of the things I can help leaders and teams with:

  • Increase their confidence so they can banish imposter syndrome and reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Improve their resilience so they can achieve more by doing less, handle knock-backs and avoid burnout
  • Grow their influence for cross-functional collaboration and accelerate business results
  • Break old habits and create breakthroughs that drive them forward
  • Gain clarity around the outcomes that will make all the difference to their results, so they can focus on what’s important
  • Create space for leaders to reflect so they can define their leadership brand and create an action plan to realise it quickly
  • Build exceptional relationships between teams and stakeholders to easily get buy-in for projects and manifest positive change
  • Tackle difficult conversations with confidence, so problems are dealt with swiftly, with the best outcomes possible
  • Progress communication skills to have a significant impact on every aspect of business
  • Overcome difficult conflict situations with ease. Learn how to use difference to accelerate and resolve disagreements to get results and eliminate chaos
  • Teach leaders how to manage their team so they can increase employee engagement and boost productivity
  • Establish exactly where weak or non-existent boundaries are impacting time and energy
  • Increase ownership and accountability across the business
  • Help them feel empowered to make decisions, take action and move forward
  • Rebalance team dynamics to catapult performance

Following a diagnostic session, we co-create a team development plan. I use a blend of workshops, small group accountability sessions, 121 coaching and remote support.

Together, we’ll eliminate any dysfunction and take your team’s performance to the next level.

Development programmes to fuel culture and organisational change

If you’re looking to make significant changes in your organisation, my signature leadership programme is a game-changer.
Here’s an example of what the programme covers. But, as with all my programmes, other versions are available. The content can be varied and is designed specifically with your team and organisation’s objectives in mind.

This programme helps first-line leaders build the knowledge, skills and mindset to:

  • Accelerate behavioural change within the business
  • Build resilience in themselves and their teams so they can embrace change
  • Foster a growth mindset
  • Achieve outstanding business results
  • Move from transactional coaching to transformational coaching

Workshops will be held via video call or face-to-face dependent on guidelines at the time.

Here’s what you get:

Masterclass 1


1/2 day session

Leaders learn how to shift from transactional change to transformational change.

So, they move away from outdated ‘sell and tell’ and lead by inspiring others instead. 

Masterclass 2


½ day session
followed by a 1 hr session

Leaders learn how to create and use well-formed outcomes to fuel personal development.

Teams learn to focus on the results they want to create and how they can influence the process to get there.

Masterclass 3


½ day session
followed by a 1 hr session &
2 hr 121 coaching session

Leaders explore what coaching is, what it isn’t, and learn how to use it as a leadership tool.

This means they can coach and develop their team members to boost performance.

Masterclass 4


½ day session followed by a 1 hr session

Leaders explore their resilience level and learn strategies to improve it.

They also learn how to develop it in others so they are better able to embrace change and protect their mental health.

Masterclass 5


½ day session
followed by a 1 hr session

Leaders discover how to coach in a way that is transformative for their teams and their results.

They acquire skills to shift their mindset, so they create an empowered and resourceful team.

Impact showcase

½ day session

This is where we consolidate all the learnings of the programme. It’s an opportunity to reengage stakeholders and showcase the progress of all the delegates.

The power of this session is often underestimated and has been described as ‘food for the soul’. If you know, you know.

See what my clients say

Jo enables you to have the conversations that matter and truly make a difference. If you are looking for an easy ‘team-building’ experience, then look elsewhere. If you want to improve as a leader or as a team and are willing to put the effort in and challenge yourself in new ways, then Jo can make a huge difference. I am now a much more effective leader based on the work we did with Jo and my teams operate at a much higher level!

Rob Moore

General Manger, Celgene

The journey to transformation starts here

And it begins with a powerful conversation!

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