It was great to see so many people openly sharing issues and posts around mental health for #mentalhealthawareness day yesterday, and I hope that this continues to help people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression to name but a few. Many more organisations are investing in wellness programmes and initiatives to help people cope in the hectic world that we live in and it’s long overdue.

Are you living on the planet overwhelm?

Whether you suffer from a mental illness or not, the levels of stimulation that we are exposed to these days is somewhat disturbing and its no wonder that more and more people are feeling unable to cope. They are suffering from overwhelm, meltdowns, exhaustion, and extreme fatigue. This is a familiar pattern that I see with my clients who are literally running on empty and are beyond frazzled. The pressures of work, family life, and personal relationships have left them completely overloaded.

Disconnect from the tech

It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again, technology is great and allows us so much more freedom to work from anywhere in the world and ‘stay connected’ however we are losing sight of boundaries. The irony is that we are becoming more and more disconnected from ourselves. Which in turn leads to poor decision making, self-doubt, low self-esteem and certainly doesn’t lay the foundations for us to be on our best game.

And despite all of this overstimulation and the creeping signs of deteriorating health both mental and physical, I am still witnessing the desire and determination of intelligent, capable people wanting to add value, do a great job, accelerate their career…but at what cost?

There is another way. The answer isn’t another productivity hack or a sophisticated app. Nor is it about lowering your standards or being told to stop being a perfectionist. It’s actually learning to pause and invest in impeccable self-care.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the way out of the chaos and into the calm is slowing down and to concentrate on ‘being’ instead of ‘doing.’ It’s learning how to look after the whole of you, from the inside out.

I know I know. You don’t have time to breathe!… A client really did say that to me only a few months ago.

Making time to breathe, pause and reflect on what you truly want is vital. It’s also not an admission of failure to ask for help.

Investing in time with a coach can give you the clarity you need to get out of the chaos of your mind and take a look at what you want from your life, business or career.

If you are living on planet overwhelm or need to clear your mental hard drive, then please get in touch

In addition to corporate programmes, I work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis, and I am also running an online coaching course. My Great in Eight online coaching programme starts on October 22. In eight weeks you will use my unique system to:
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– Reveal the blocks holding you back
– Generate a plant of action that is achievable and easy to implement
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