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You’re here because you’re a business leader who needs help with your own development or the development of your team. Am I right?

You want to improve people performance because you know that people who feel motivated and engaged create extraordinary teams and organisations. Making that improvement starts with you. Because the way you show up as a leader, makes all the difference.

Well, hello! You’ve come to the right place.

I joined the pharma industry in the late nineties and within 18 months moved onto a career path that had people development at its core. I quickly realised this was my calling, but my passion was truly ignited when I experienced some powerful coaching.

That experience changed my life. I’d seen many workshops with external providers over the years and found most had no real depth or lasting benefits. I now knew there was a better way. I wanted to challenge the status quo and instigate powerful transformation myself.

I’ve now been a coach for over over a decade. After working with me, my clients say I’ve given them the tools and fuelled their confidence to be the extraordinary leaders they can be. That their teams grow as individuals, and operate at a much higher level. And they’ve seen a noticeable increase in business results.

There’s no fluff in my coaching. I am all about ruthless compassion

I’m a straight-talking, no-fluff kind of coach who challenges you with compassion to get down to the real issues. I don’t deliver band-aid, quick-fix workshops. And I’m not a life coach.

Instead, I dare you to be different. I take you out of your comfort zone. I ask those difficult questions. We break through what’s holding you back. And I help you get clear on what’s important. This approach empowers you to realise your full potential, take meaningful action and create lasting change.

So, what makes me qualified to call myself a coach?

I’m a lifelong learner with enough certificates to wallpaper my lounge. But I’m not really one for shouting about qualifications. Because the thing that gives the greatest value to my clients is my personal journey.

I have a lived experience of many of the challenges you face. Not just from my corporate background but from the work I’ve done across the sector. I’ve walked in your shoes as a leader. I’ve suffered corporate burnout and turned it around. And I’ve continually invested in my own development. I’ve walked the walk, and now I want to help you walk yours. And, because I go deep into the issues, I’m able to get to the heart of your challenges swiftly.

But if credentials are your thing, here are a few of the most significant ones I have:

  • Postgraduate in coaching psychology
  • NLP practitioner and master practitioner (Neuro-linguistic programming)
  • RQi practitioner (resilience measurement and coaching)
  • Insights Discovery coach
  • Facet5 personality profiling coach
  • Two-year psychospiritual training
  • 1000’s of coaching hours as an internal and external coach

As you can see, I wasn’t joking when I said I was a lifelong learner! And it means I’ve got a whole plethora of tools to work with that get incredible results for you.

See what my clients say

Jo brings a realism to her coaching which I’ve not experienced elsewhere, she asks searching questions which really help you discover new things about yourself and help you question why you do what you do. I can absolutely credit her with a noticeable increase in my team’s performance purely because she helped me recognize improvements I could make to my leadership style, but then crucially, works closely with you to ensure you implement them.

Matt Lilley

Regional Business Manager

Your journey to transformation starts here

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