Settling is no fun.
It’s a malignant habit, a slippery slope that takes you to mediocrity.

– Seth Godin

Inspire, energise, provoke thought

Many clients would say that I deliver learning and development interventions that inspire, energise and provoke thought. And they might profess that I deliver high energy programmes that engage learners and get results. Frequently they describe how I help them to take a totally different perspective on their challenges and find their way through to the next level with life changing results.  Some people rush to call me ‘a motivational people development expert’ but I would rather you didn’t. I am just a ‘growth junkie’ who is dedicated to transformation, my own as well as that of my clients. I am passionate about facilitating change in a way that is guided by intuition but also offers individuals and organisations major breakthroughs, revealing core truths and accelerating growth.
Along with a team of hand-picked experts I bring together an eclectic mix of skills and experiences to guide you (as individuals, teams and organisations’) on your route back to integrity, to help you find the audacious path back to your brilliance, I will dare you to grow and create exceptional results in your lives and your business. I scrutinise the undercurrents of what is happening right now to uncover what is really stopping you and your teams from reaching their next level. And I will challenge you to unravel patterns of thinking and behaviour to  remove the blocks and help you make real and lasting change.
My work is all about transformation and you get to define what that looks like.

I am Jo Cowlin

I am passionate about learning and growth and I am committed to results.

Whilst qualifications matter to some people, the true genius at the core of my work is that I have also lived it. I have experienced the highs and the lows. I am no different to you. I’m still here on this journey. I have countless tales that will make you laugh and cry (sometimes at the same time!) and I have many more that will move you and inspire you. I also have treasured tales that will educate and motivate you.

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